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Development story

Our belief

When we bring new things like services or products to the market, our main focus is on making sure they last and are good for everyone involved. We're not just about selling things quickly – we want to build long-lasting relationships and make the future better together. We believe strongly in the idea of "NAKAMA," which means friendship. It's all about connecting the world, people, and pets in a meaningful way.

Have you ever wondered why people can't just live by themselves? This question makes us think about our role as a company in the pet industry. We know that people and pets need companionship. That's why we want the "NAKAMA" brand to be a special place where everyone feels connected from the heart, without any limits.

Our goal goes beyond just selling things – we want to create a community that makes life better and brings people and pets closer together.

Our design

We take great pride in crafting all our products with original Japanese design. The art of design is at the core of how we express and share our beliefs with the market. Over the course of 50 years, our dedicated team in Japan has meticulously gathered knowledge and insights related to dogs and cats, integrating them into our products to enhance the lives of both pet owners and their furry companions.

Our products go beyond mere visual appeal, embodying a delightful sense of "kawaii," while also delivering practical functionality to bring joy to everyone's lives. Despite our decades of experience, we remain unsatisfied with past accomplishments and are continually on a journey of improvement, asking ourselves each day, "How can we make things even better?" This relentless pursuit of excellence drives our commitment to innovation and ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best.

Our history

  • ・On February, 1954
    Bonbisha was founded in Habikino, Osaka.
  • ・On December, 1969
    Bonbisha launched its first products for pets.
  • ・On August, 2023
    Bonbisha launched new brand, NAKAMA, for US market.